What To Watch Out For When Going For A Digital Multitrack Recorder

Perhaps one of the most difficult things for musicians and those in the music industry to master is the use of a digital multitrack recorder but for those who meet the challenge, there is a plethora of rewards to be enjoyed. A studio, be it a home studio or a professional one, cannot be complete without this device. An advantage offered by this device is that it supports the recording of multiple tracks simultaneously.

Gone are the days when multitrack recorders weren’t in existence and people had to record their musical performances in real time since it was impossible to have overdubs. These days, thanks to the advent of such recovers, it is possible to record different tracks at different periods of time and then merge it all together to create the desired piece of music/song. Before you purchase a multitrack recorder you must take into consideration your own planning for its use.

The worst mistake that one can make with the task of purchasing a digital multitrack recorder is to get a model which doesn’t have enough inputs for getting the job done. For instance, if you are recording a 3 piece band then a two piece multitrack recorder wouldn’t suffice. Hence one must purchase a multitrack recorder with enough inputs for one’s needs. Since it isn’t possible to increase inputs to an existing recorder, only additional preamps can be added to line inputs.

If sound quality is a huge concern for you then you will have to choose the multitrack recorder with 24-bit audio over the 16-bit one. Greater quality recordings are made possible with the 24-bit multitrack recorder because you won’t have to spend a great deal of energy optimizing the recording. 24-bit digital recorders offer more bits therefore there is more space for one to record digital audio data. The trade-off here is that the files would be larger in size.

Another feature of the best digital multitrack recorders to watch out for is data compression. Certain models of multitrack recorders would have this feature so as to allow the users to fit more tracks in a limited space/media while recording. While this may seem great but it does affect the sound quality. Hence if you prefer quality over quantity then you should go for a multitrack recorder that stores uncompressed audio.

Buyers of digital multitrack recorders face another critical issue, i.e. the issue of backup and storage space. The best way to store audio tracks would be to use hard disk drivers with large storage capacities. While removable recorders can be silent and convenient, they lack storage space. This makes the task of engaging in mix-down with multiple tracks difficult. Backing up to an onboard DVDR burner or CDR burner featured in certain multitrack recorder models would help.

Of course in case of a digital multitrack recorder the display screen would definitely matter. Thus, this is a feature that you should look out for when purchasing a multitrack recorder. The display should be big enough to display all the information properly and be readable. While a recorder with a small screen would be comparatively
cheaper, one must keep in mind that working with a small display for a long period of time will be highly unpleasant.

If you want to use an onboard compressor with your digital multitrack recorder then you will have to make sure that you select a model with inserts for such compressors. If connection to huge analog boards is what you want then opt for models having direct outs. Multitrack recorders having these features would definitely be having higher prices because they are meant to be used by professionals.
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