TASCAM DP-004 Portable 4-track Digital Multitrack Recorder Review

The TASCAM DP-004 Portable 4-track Digital Multi-track Recorder is a perfect tool for musicians who need to make multi-track recordings in different locations. It is small, lightweight and perfect for recording basic demonstration recordings, while small enough to be taken with you anywhere.

With the high quality of the unit, it can be used to record demos of your band. This device lives up to the high quality standards of TASCAM’s other multi-track recorder units and delivers CD quality sound, which will make your demo recordings sound closer to what you could expect from a professional recording studio.

TASCAM DP-004 Portable 4-track Digital Multi-track Recorder Ltd Edition Black Chrome

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Who Should Consider the TASCAM DP-004 Portable 4-track Digital Multi-track Recorder

Musicians who need a quick and easy solution to recording their songs should consider purchasing this amazing recorder. It is about the size of a standard paperback book and the recording controls are very simple to use. Both novice and experienced users can get the most out of this small recording device.


It records directly to SD memory cards, which will allow you more flexibility than audio tape or a unit with a built-in hard drive. A 1 gigabyte SD card is included with the device, which is plenty of space for getting started. The 1/4″ audio inputs on the unit can also be enabled for direct line guitar recording, which is convenient for guitar players who do not want to mic their amplifiers.


While the device is not recommended for professional studio use, the TASCAM DP-004 Portable 4-track Digital Multi-track Recorder still has many features of more expensive digital recorders. For example, it does not have XLR microphone inputs. More expensive recorders have the ability to record more channels of audio, while the DP-004 is limited to recording 4 tracks and only 2 tracks simultaneously.

However, if you do not expect to always need to record over 4 tracks of audio, it is suitable for most recording situations. If you need to record additional audio tracks, you can even use the “bounce” feature to consolidate the previously recorded tracks on to one track, which will leave the other tracks free for additional over-dubs.


As long as you understand that this device is only meant for basic recording purposes and not to be a fully functional studio recorder, you will find that it is suitable for most basic multi-track recording tasks. Plus, the price and sound quality are fantastic for musicians on any budget.


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