Fostex MR8 mkII 8 Track Digital Multitrack Recorder – Review

The Fostex MR8 mkII 8 Track Digital Multitrack Recorder is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to take your musical ideas and turn them into a finished product. From basic tracks to the finished mixed and mastered CD, it can all be done without having to turn to a separate device.

Fostex MR8 mkII 8 Track Multitrack Recorder

Fostex MR8 mkII 8 Track Digital Multitrack Recorder

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This great recorder can record up to eight tracks, two at a time. It includes a number of effects for mixing as well as microphone and amplifier simulations to help you get exactly the sound you want as you’re recording. Tracks are saved to easily swappable Compact Flash storage, making gaining more recording time as simple as popping in a new card.

Recording The Basics

Unlike some of its cumbersome competitors, the Fostex MR8 mkII 8 Track Digital Multitrack Recorder uses simple cassette-style controls for its operations, meaning that if you’ve ever used a tape recorder before, you’ll feel right at home. On the face of the unit, there are two inputs for plugging in XLR or 1/4″ balanced or unbalanced cables. Simply plug in a mic or instrument and start recording.

Effects And Simulations

This great recorder includes quite a few tools to help you get the sound you’re looking for. One input includes analog guitar distortion to help get a great guitar sound simply by plugging in the guitar directly. This is taken even further by the MR8′s inclusion of amplifier simulations. Choose from a British-style stack, a U.S.-style high gain amp for metal sounds, and a tube bass combo for tight, punchy bass guitar.

For vocals and other instruments, the Fostex MR8 mkII 8 Track Digital Multitrack Recorder includes microphone simulations, including models based on dynamic, condenser, and tube mics used by the pros. For further sweetening of sounds, some great effects are included. Room reverb, hall reverb, plate reverb and delay are all right at your fingertips.

The Finished Product

Once you’ve got all the tracks recorded and mixed, the recorder has all the tools you’ll need to get a professional, finished sound. Three mastering effects are included to add extra sheen and polished to your songs. Once they’re mastered plug in any USB CD burner to burn the finished product to a disc.


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