Boss Micro BR Digital Multitrack Recorder – Review

The Boss Micro BR Digital Multitrack Recorder is about the size of a smartphone and is used for making multitrack audio recordings. Despite only offering 4 audio tracks, the Boss Micro BR Digital Multitrack Recorder has enough extra features to make it a very capable multitrack recorder. While it certainly can not compete with more expensive recorders, which are capable of recording 8 to 32 audio tracks, it is still a good low-cost option.

Boss Micro BR Digital Multitrack Recorder

Boss Micro BR Digital Multitrack Recorder

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Who Should Consider It

Musicians who want to start dabbling in home recording, but have a tight budget will find this Recorder a cost-effective solution. It is lightweight and portable, which is great for fleshing out your own personal recordings and also taking to your band’s rehearsal space or a live venue. Audio files are recorded directly to inexpensive SDHC memory cards. Experienced recording enthusiasts will likely be turned off by the device’s limitations, but it is perfect for novice and student recordists.


The Boss Micro BR Digital Multitrack Recorder has a selection of built-in audio effects, which can improve the quality of a dull or flat recording. While it can only play and record 4 tracks, each track has eight virtual tracks, allowing you to record multiple takes and decide which one sounds best.

A drum machine is also included to allow solo musicians to keep their recordings in perfect rhythm when they do not have access to a live drummer. Conveniently, the drum tracks are on their own independent audio channel, leaving the other 4 tracks open for your recordings. The recorder has a USB interface for transferring songs directly to your computer. It is also MP3 compatible, resulting in smaller file sizes for your digital audio recordings. You can also transfer MP3 files to the device and play along with them.


This device does not have professional XLR microphone inputs, which will cause a significant loss in quality when compared to devices which do offer these inputs. Since the device has no “bouncing” options, you are limited in the amount of tracks, which is inconvenient for adding overdubs to your recordings.


While it is good for basic recording tasks, this recorder does not hold up for professional quality multitrack recordings. However, depending on your needs, it may be the perfect solution and has just enough bonus features to recommend.
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